Sunday, August 3, 2008


This is the group. From right to left there's Jed Thacker, Christian Herrick, Me, Skye Herrick, and Rob Hunter. We all like paintballing. It was Jed and the Herrick brothers that got me into it. Yet another sport I'll fall in love with. It's been fun, but it also hurts. I've got welts all over my body and one really big lump on my head from where Skye shot me. Yeah, it was one on one and he was behind a bunker. As I went to make a move, I slipped and stumbled on the ground and he shot the head. It was fun, but I had a headache almost the rest of the day. I took some aspirin, but that didn't help. My goose egg was throbbing so much that it kept my head hurting. Yeah, I can't even touch it right now.

What I really like about paintballing is that it is a lot like rock climbing in the sense that I have something I can use as an outlet for frustration, fatigue, and still have a lot of fun. I've realized that I really need an outlet for a lot of things. A way to get my mind off of life and just focus on one thing, shooting someone else. Or if it's rock climbing, getting to that next hold.

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