Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The View

I figured I put some pictures up here so everyone can see the view from my new place! I currently live in downtown SLC, just off South Temple on the 9th floor, overlooking the entire valley! Talk about amazing. From my balcony I can ever see a little bit of the SLC temple. I'm withing biking distance of everywhere, and oh yeah, I've got some good news!

So I started working at the Express at the Gateway mall part time, hoping to find something more full time so I can save up for school next semester. Before I left for North Carolina 5 months ago, I was offered a job at South Towne Mall as a manager at the Express there. Well, they found out I was back and it was "serendipity" that I am back and the managers they hired didn't work out. Amy, the store manager, called me last night at work and wants me to come work for them, where I'll be able to work 40+ hours a week if I choose, plus I'll make around $11.50-$12.00 an hour, so that'll be great! The even better thing? As a U of U student I can ride Trax and UTA for free, so I won't have to commute in my car and waste all that gas. I figured it all out, and it'll take me 40 minutes to get to South Town Mall from here. Yes, it would take me half the time, but if I can get there free and have time to read, my life is going to be amazing!

Here are some pictures of my balcony. They are a semi-panoramic view from my balcony facing West.

And here are some pictures from my living room:


Nate said...

1. Congrats on the job dude!

2. Dope view from your crib

3. Trax FTW

Babydoll said...

Nice view. I am jealous, because my view consists of a brick wall surrounding my yard. And congrats on the job!